A b o u t

A wicked talent”

– Malcolm Rock (writer, librettist), Remi Wortmeyer (dancer, choreographer), Dutch National Ballet

“In Kennedy’s estimation, Sonja Schebeck “plays classical like a motherf—er”. I agree”

– Nigel Kennedy (violinist), quoted by Harriet Cunningham, Sydney Morning Herald

One hell of a fiddle player”

– Gavin Lockley (singer, composer), Symphony of Australia

The ‘Don Bradman’ of the violin”

– W. Davies

A “virtuoso violinist”

– W. L. Hoffman, The Canberra Times

It was a privilege to hear the talent of violinist Sonja Schebeck and pianist Yoon Hee. The stunning violin solo which opens the short opera was enchanting, and Schebeck judged her interaction with the audience in the decidedly intimate venue to perfection”

– E. Greenless, Itchy London. Review of “The Carnival” circus-opera by Chloé Charody, Leicester Square Theatre, London’s West End

Schebeck’s performance…truly shines through, thanks to her exquisite musical talent on the violin, and her successful creation of a character that exudes an incomparable stage presence”

– I. Laskari, Buzzcuts, Melbourne Fringe Festival review of “The Carnival” circus-opera by Chloé Charody, Red Bennies, Melbourne, Australia

“Schebeck…gave a coolly-assured performance of works by Prokofiev, O’Connor and Saint-Saens – including what juror Ashley Brown (Auckland) described as “the bravest cadenza I have ever seen”

– K. Walsh, A. Brown (cellist, New Zealand Piano Trio), The Gisborne Herald, New Zealand

“…die Geigerin Sonja Schebeck, mit der ihm (Kennedy) eine fulminant getunte Aufführung von Bachs Konzert für zwei Violinen, Streicher und Basso continuo gelang. Stürmisch jubilierend das Vivace, seidig weich und einschmeichelnd das Largo, erlebte das Publikum einen packenden Klangrausch, ein atemberaubendes Kunstprodukt…”

– OVB Online review of Nigel Kennedy & the Orchestra of Life concert, Rosenheim, Germany

“Deux concertos pour violon de Bach : le concerto n°1 pour violon, puis le n°3 pour deux violons – qu’il interprète avec son deuxième violon Sonja Schebeck, « Skippy, son kangourou d’Australie ». Deux interprétations puissantes et mélodieuses, aux nuances parfaites.” 

– Petite Classique online review of Nigel Kennedy & the Orchestra of Life concert, Palais des Congrès, Paris