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‘The Carnival’ Hamburg Season


‘The Carnival’ a circus opera (music & libretto by Chloé Charody, created and directed by Chloé Charody & Sonja Schebeck) is resident at Hamburg’s sublime Fliegende Bauten for October/ November.

What a spectacular cast, couldn’t be happier!

More pics here.



Buzzed after premiering Australian composer Chloé Charody‘s “The Phoenix” violin caprice at the Musikverein (Gläserner Saal/Magna Auditorium), Vienna, Austria on 15 May. Aussie Aussie Aussie!

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‘The Carnival’ returns to London’s West End

Charody Productions UK and Kompani Malakhi team up to co-produce ‘The Carnival’s return to London’s West End.

A little behind-the-scenes footage at the beginning of this:

Premiere of ‘Magdalene’ with the Dutch National Ballet

Priveleged to be performing tonight at Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam as guest musician with the Dutch National Ballet for the premiere of the opera-ballet ‘Magdalene’, composed by Chloé Charody, libretto by Malcolm Rock and choreographed by Remi Wortmeyer.